Crystal (amythyst) wrote in greenlakelocals,

Dear Green Lake Path walkers and cyclists:

Walkers, joggers, mothers with strollers, and other foot traffic, the outer lane of the path is for people on wheels. Your strollers do not constitute wheels in this case because your stroller is going at walking or jogging speeds. If you are on the wrong side of the path, for whatever reason, and you see a bike coming or hear someone call "On your right," MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! Don't just stand there like an idiot. If your music is up too loud to hear someone call out to you, TURN IT DOWN. Then I won't hate you and we can all use the Green Lake Path peacefully.

Cyclists, the correct way to ride around the Green Lake Path is COUNTERCLOCKWISE. There are signs everywhere saying this. People on foot can move whichever way they like on the inner path, but those of us on cycles should all be going the same direction. I'm guessing this is so that foot traffic knows what to expect, but you know what else it does? It makes sure those of us on wheels also know what to expect and don't suddenly have to veer into the foot traffic lane to get around some moron riding in the wrong direction. Besides, riding the wrong way gets me glares that are meant for you and I hate you for that. I'm a considerate, conscientious biker - you should be too.
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