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New prescription drug discount card for WA Residents

Everyone knows someone or may be that someone that could use a little help with the cost of healthcare. Thought I would pass this on and encourage you to do the same.
I am the outreach coordinator for the WA State Health Care Authority Prescription Drug Program. We recently introduced a new state sponsored prescription discount card called WPDP. This new card is FREE and every resident in the state of Washington is eligible for the card. There are no income or age criteria to meet. WPDP offers discounts of about 60% on generic drugs and about 20% on brand name drugs. You may have seen or heard about the Governor supporting this program in March. As of this week we have enrolled more than 45,000 Washington residents in the program. Considering there are more than 600,000 uninsured in Washington, we still have a lot of work to do.

All of the information about the WPDP program is on our website:

People can enroll on line, in English (and soon in Spanish).
They can download enrollment forms in English or Spanish.
They can use the pharmacy locator program to find a participating pharmacy in their area.

Regina Chacon
Prescription Drug Program
Health Care Authority
Mailstop: TB-51 ::: :::
Desk Phone: (206) 521-2027 Fax: (206) 521-2001
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