irrationalRobot (irrationalrobot) wrote in greenlakelocals,

Greenlake pedestrians, where do you cross I5?

I go to the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association meetings monthly, and last night we had a presentation by an artist who is working on a project for the 65th st underpass- dressing up the Park n' Pool a bit.

She's presenting at the Greenlake Neighborhood Association meeting (May 9th, I think: about the same project.

They are planning on cleaning up and partially lighting 65th street itself, but not where Weedin Place passes under I-5. That is really the stretch that my wife and I use more often as pedestrians when going to Greenlake, and it is a little bit creepier (presence of guys living out of their car and sleeping under the bridge, mountains of pigeon doo).

Question: for those of you in Greenlake who occasionally pedester over to Roosevelt Square, where do you cross I-5? Do you take Weedin, 65th, or the bridge at 70th?
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